Download DirectX free on your computer, it is an essential element for Windows to be able to launch programs and games. Downloading DirectX free


DirectX is a white collection of API functions developed by Microsoft to make it easier to launch all kinds of multimedia contents like games and videos on the Microsoft Windows operating systems. In other words, it is essential to download DirectX to make sure that you computer can coordinate the elements that are in charge of running programs, applications and games properly.

It is very important to keep DirectX updated on all computers, because it is up to this library to correctly launch graphics and sounds, to state just a few of its uses.

Downloading DirectX free from the Microsoft's (company in charge of its development) servers will guarantee security as well as always having the latest version installed.

DirectX launches the different API that form part of it on your computer, like for example DirectSetup, in charge of installing the components of the library; Direct3D, the API responsible for 3D graphics; DirectSound, used to play and record sounds; or DirectInput, API that takes care of processing the keyboard, mouse and joystick input. These are some of the main reason to download DirectX free.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 285 KB

Even though it may seem at a first glance that this API library is only important for hardcore gamers and people that require to move heavy graphics, you should know that it isn't exactly so, because downloading DirectX and installing it on the computer will have a direct effect on the general performance of graphics and sounds, no matter their origin.

Improve the sound and graphic experience of your computer once you download DirectX free.

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