Download eMule free, it is easy and simple. Access an endless amount of music, films and files thanks to this client. Download eMule on your computer now


eMule is one of the most popular file sharing applications on the full network.

By means of this P2P client in just a few minutes any user will be able to download music, films and any other kinds of file that is shared by other users from their computer.

Making eMule work and configuring it is very easy, because by simply selecting the desired servers and performing a search for the desired files it will download them and save them on the computer's hard drive.

eMule is free, but despite this fact, it still has great and very useful features like secure user identification, the preview of the downloaded multimedia files, sources exchange and the recovery of parts of corrupt files, that could perfectly fit in any quality application.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 3.2 MB

With its successive versions, eMule has evolved in what regards to its download methods as well as in its interface, that has been improved and had new features added to it.

Nowadays by periodically updating your server list, you will always have eMule optimize and ready to download music, films or wherever contents that you desire.

You can download eMule free from its official website and enjoy real speed on your downloads.

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