Format Factory

Download Format Factory free, it will guarantee you the possibility to convert nearly any video format. Download Format Factory free is it very easy-to-use

Format Factory

Format Factory (also written FormatFactory) is a powerful multimedia file converter capable of transforming practically any video, image or sound to the format that you require in an efficient, simple and quick fashion.

On many occasions it can happen that it is impossible for us to be able to play a specific video or song on the computer because the format that has been used for it isn't compatible with the codecs that are currently installed.

To solve this inconvenience the perfect solution is to download Format Factory free. Using the Format Factory format converter is very easy.

By simply loading the multimedia files (films, videos, songs, sounds...) which you want to convert, be it by selecting them from their folder or dragging and dropping them on the interface; selecting the desired output format and clicking on Start, you will be transforming them from one format to another without practically any bother at all.

You will be able to carry out this action with single files or perform in with file batches, and if you want to be able to forget about everything, you can even configure the computer to turn off when it is done.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 39 MB

Once you download Format Factory free not only will you enjoy the possibility to convert formats like MP4, MP3 3GP, MPG, FLW, SWF, BMP, PNG, TIF, MMF, AMT, OGG, M4A, etc, but you will have access to some video editing options, like changes to the screen resolution, quality variation, size changes or different compression levels among other features.

If you want to forget any worries about the formats and enjoy a simple, powerful and quick converter on your computer, download Format Factory free.

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