Messenger Plus

Download Messenger Plus free, it will provide additional features to your MSN client. Enjoy innovating features once you download Messenger Plus free

Messenger Plus

Messenger Plus is an ideal complement for the Windows Live Messenger instant messenger client. With Messenger Plus you will be able to expand the features of your Messenger, and what's more, enjoy other new ones that will surely improve your experience.

The improvements provided by Messenger Plus range from simple keyboard shortcuts or customized sounds to others that allow the use of various user accounts on the same computer or the creation of direct access icons to certain contacts on the desktop. The options are nearly endless and always useful like the conversation registry.

With this complement it is also possible to create customized status and what's more, program them so that they change automatically at certain times or under certain conditions. Likewise, it also includes a boss mode, that allows the possibility to hide Messenger by using a specific shortcut.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 1.1 MB

Install Messenger Plus will come in really simple and in a matter of minutes it will efficiently complement Windows Live Messenger.

Start downloading Messenger Plus free and live a new experience for an instant messenger.

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