Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation for computers with the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux operating systems, among others.

It is currently one of the most widespread browsers worldwide, with approximately 450 million users.

This browser, the first to seriously contend with Internet Explorer after the demise of Netscape, includes characteristics like tab based browsing, dynamic bookmarks, progressive search, acceleration by means of GPU, private browsing and other features that make Mozilla Firefox the favorite browser of millions of users worldwide.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser always takes into account aspects that are so important as the speed, the compatibility with web standards and, of course, security. It includes very useful tools to browse without any surprises, like the antiphishing protection, the protection against websites with malware or the automatic updates.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 13.6 MB

Another of the noteworthy features of Mozilla Firefox es the possibility it offers the users the possibility to expand the features of the browse by means of extensions and add-ons, being the browser with most user implication at this moment in time.

You can download Mozilla Firefox from the official Mozilla Foundation website by pressing the green Download button.

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