If you need to create a PDF file, the best solution is to download PDFCreator free. Easily transform your documents to PDF once you download PDF Creator


PDFCreator –also known as PDF Creator– is a very practical PDF file converter which is very easy-to-use when it comes the moment to use it.

The PDFCreator software works as an apparent virtual printer, integrating like any physical computer which is connected to the computer, thus offering the possibility to be used with all the programs and applications that offer the possibility to print.

Once you download PDFCreator free you will instantly realize how easy it is to use. To use the program all you will have to do is choose the print option from any software installed on the computer and choose PDFCreator as the printer.

At the moment a window will open on the desktop where it will be possible to customize data such as the document's title or the name of the PDF that will be printed.

After that the software will start creating the PDF, with the possibility to store it locally on the hard drive, send it via electronic mail or placed in the printing queue.

Once your PDF has been created with PDF Creator, it will open it automatically with the default PDF viewer, most commonly Adobe Reader, even though this option can be canceled from the software's configuration panel.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 17.3 MB

Download PDF Creator free, not only will it offer you the possibility to create PDF files using the most simple process, but it will also provide you with other features which aren't so easy to see, thus it offer the possibility to choose the printing quality, program actions or create renaming or saving templates.

Don't think it twice, start download PDFCreator free and enjoy a powerful, simple y practical free PDF creator on your computer.

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