Organize your photographs easily once you download Picasa free. You images will finally be completely in order after you download Picasa on your computer


Picasa is, in just a few words, one of the most powerful, simple and complete photograph organizers that exit on the market. Developed by the gigantic Google company, downloading Picasa free on your computer will guarantee you the possibility to be able to organize and order all your photographs and images without further complications.

Thanks to its folder and tag system classifying images with Picasa becomes extremely easy. As if the great organizing options offered by the program weren't enough, the software by the people from Mountain View includes other practical tools.

A practical image viewer, a basic editor with which improving the photographs quite a lot will become a children's game or a presentations and collage creator, to name just a few of the extra functions that can be enjoyed once you download Picasa free.

What's more, like all the products by Google, downloading Picasa free is a synonym of integration with all the other services by the company.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 13.9 MB

Thus you will have access to 1 GB of free storage space at the Picasa Web Albums site, you will be able to geolocate your photographs thanks to Google Maps or you will be able to share them via electronic mail or publish them on a Blogger blog directly from the application.

What's more, since Google+ was launched, the Picasa web albums have integrated with the social network offering the possibility to tag your friends or people that you know that appear in your photographs. All this wide range of possibilities are what you will have at your dispossal once you download Picasa free on your computer.

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