Download QuickTime free, it is necessary to be able to play any video in MOV format on your computer. Download QuickTime developed by Apple free now


QuickTime is a multimedia player by Apple capable of playing videos in MOV and QT format, even thou the latest versions also offer support for the vast majority of video formats on the market.

This player efficiently combines a minimalistic design with a set of options and power which are highly above those set by other players.

Thanks to the use of special codecs, it manages greater quality in less space. What's more, QuickTime player will offer you the possibility to access free and pay-to-see contents via streaming.

QuickTime is easily configurable in various important aspects to playback video like the audio and image controls, to name a few.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 36.7 MB

In the successive versions of this multimedia framework launched in 1991 they have improved the compatibility with other formats and systems, and specially, the additional features, like the possibility to edit video and encode it in the Pro version of the software.

There are many Internet websites that currently offers their multimedia contents in the form of MOV and QT videos and audio, and it is due to this that it becomes essential to download QuickTime free.

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