When you download Skype free you will enjoy free VoIP calls and a better instant messenger service. Download Skype free, it will only take a minute


Skype is the popular software which allows free communication by means of text, video and voice using VoIP technology, with this last point being its most important factor, the socalled free Skype calls.

Downloading Skype free is the best solution to communicate with your family and friends free or a very low cost. Install Skype on your computer and communicate with other computers and even with intelligent telephones that that the specific application installed.

The features of this VoIP client aren't solely reduced to free calls, because it also allows the possibility to take part in free videoconferences, calls to mobiles and landlines at a low cost, sending files, group videoconferences and even voice mail.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 23.1 MB

Moreover, Skype allows the possibility to link a Facebook account with the program, thus allowing the possibility to send instant messages using Skype without having to leave the popular social network.

Download Skype, it will guarantee free communication and call with practically all your contacts, friends and family. Don't wait any longer and download Skype free to start enjoying all the functions it has to offer.

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