Downloading Songr free will allow you to download music from your desktop. Download Song free today and quickly expand your music library


Songr is basically a music search engine compiler that finds music in MP3 format. This program integrates a large amount of MP3 music search engines like 4shared, Mp3Realm and Playlist among others, and it combines their power to simplify the task of finding a song over Internet.

Downloading Songr free will guarantee you that the music that you download is the correct file and not mistaken, corrupt or virus infected files.

This is possible thanks to the possibility which Song offers to listen to the MP3 files that you find before you download it, thus making sure that its the file that you are looking for.

What's more, once you download Songr free you will have the very useful and practical possibility to search for song by writing part of its lyrics if you don't know its title or the name of the artist.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 4.2 MB

The simultaneous search over a large amount of MP3 search engines will allow you to choose between files with higher or lower sound quality, because Songr shows the bitrate of the files and it offers the possibility to sort the results according to that criteria.

Once you download Songr free you will also have the possibility to download videos from YouTube, thus offering you the possibility to find your favorite songs from the commodity of a sing desktop tool that is secure and very practical. You should place your trust on Songr if you want to increase your music collection.

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