Virtual DJ

Downloading Virtual DJ is essential if you want to mix a session at home like a real professional using your computer. Download Virtual DJ free and become a

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is one of the most popular and widely spread music mixing applications available due to its unsurpassable features and its ease of use.

Developed by the people from Atomix MP3, the full Virtual DJ application allows the possibility to mix music like a real DJ from the comfort of your home providing advanced options no matter if you are a simple enthusiast or someone that has the intention of trying to work a professional DJ in the future.

This music mixer has been designed with a simple interface the main focus of which is to favor the usability of all the necessary parameters to mix music.

At the top of the interface of Virtual DJ you will have access to all the playback controls, CUE and pitch buttons and also a wave indicator that will come in very handy when it comes to mixing. On the other hand, the bottom half of the interface is dedicated to showing the information about all the music that is present on the computer.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 34.1 MB

Download Virtual DJ free, it is rather good options if you want to start of mixing music, because it also offers the possibility to create loops, scratch, adjust the pitch, insert progressive slowdown effects and other effects that are normally only available via expensive mixing software.

You can download Virtual DJ by clicking on the Download button.

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