Windows Media Player

Downloading Windows Media Player free is very quick, simple and will allow you to enjoy your favorite multimedia files. Download Windows Media Player now

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a multimedia player that has integrated support to play a vast amount of video and audio formats as well as allowing the possibility to view photographs.

Having being developed by the Microsoft Corporation, Windows Media Player was created to run on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Not only is Windows Media Player capable of playing music, videos or films stored on the computer or on a CD or DVD, but it also capable of recording music on the computer from a disc and the other way round.

What's more, WMP has various customization options among which it is possible to find masks, with which it will be possible to give the application a fresher look.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 24.1 MB

And these aren't all the features of Windows Media Player, because among other characteristics, it allows the possibility to search for information about the songs, albums, singers and covers of any album that is playing over Internet, and it will show them automatically on screen.

You can download Windows Media Player free from the official Microsoft servers by pressing the download button.

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