Windows Movie Maker

Start downloading Windows Movie Maker and create incredible videos in simple steps. Download Windows Movie Maker free, its a great software application

Windows Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is a complete yet simple household video editor with which you will be able to create incredible and really spectacular videos. Once you download Window Movie Maker free you will have access to the possibility to create, edit and share your own videos..

The main feature of the Windows Movie Maker video is its incredible simplicity. All you will have to do is drag and select the images, videos and sounds that will form part of your message, and in a few simple clicks of the mouse you will have you video ready.

Windows Movie Maker will allow you to use different video editing tools, like crop, paste, join... Moreover, you will also have access to practical and very effective transitions.

Once you download Windows Movie Maker (aka Windows Live Movie Maker) you will have access to various video effects which you will be able to apply to your videos, thus create spectacular creations.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • License: Free
  • Size: 7.0 MB

Among the different options included in the programs, the user will find the possibility to take frame shots. And if the computer has a webcam or a conventional video camera connected to it, it will be able possible to record images and include them directly in the program.

Download Windows Movie Maker free now and create incredible videos in quick and simple fashion.

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